Ode to Sunday

I barely did anything today, I blame the stuffiness of Sundays and the odd dull on my senses it always seems to make. Woke up after 8 hours of sleep, cleaned up my slides for tomorrow (don’t think i’ve done a very thorough job about it sigh), stuffed myself with too much salt, took a 40 min nap, watched a few hours worth of the voice (i think i like shakira almost as much as nicole), got myself iced tea with with a really strange assortment of fruits i had problems sucking out of the cup, lusted after the bracelets in Accessorize, sat below my block in the heat reading my textbook while talking on the phone, went home had dinner and now it’s time. Time to write my script for tomorrow. So tempted to skip morning class. In fact, I will skip class tomorrow. Yeah. Why not. 


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